A Wedding in London: The Story of Anette & Dan | April 20, 2024

Experience the magic of Dan and Anette's extraordinary wedding day through captivating photographs. From heartfelt moments to joyful celebrations, their love story unfolds in every frame.

Dan and Anette's wedding was an unforgettable experience for me. They entrusted me with documenting their journey seven months prior to their big day. They had created an amazing wedding website detailing how they met, who would attend the wedding and every detail of the event. It was very helpful to me in terms of getting to know important people and knowing the couple's story.

Unlike traditional weddings that start with the bride's preparations, Dan and Anette wanted me to document only the groom's preparations. So, we met at the Travelodge Hotel in King's Cross Royal Scot to capture Dan's preparations. After Dan was ready, we met with his family and friends in the hotel lobby. The moment of gathering in the hotel lobby was filled with excitement and joy. Then, we embarked on the 30-number public bus towards Islington Town Hall, where the wedding ceremony would take place. It was an absolutely fun, enjoyable, and out-of-the-ordinary moment! Everyone was eagerly anticipating sharing Dan and Anette's happiness.

Their wedding took place in the authentic Council Chamber room of Islington Town Hall, one of London's historic venues. During the ceremony, there were both laughter and emotional moments. Witnessing Dan's reaction upon seeing Anette for the first time was truly poignant.

After the ceremony, as we exited Islington Town Hall, a magnificent confetti moment ensued. Then, we began the walk to Canonbury Tavern for the wedding reception with Dan and Anette. Along the way, we captured wonderful moments, and guests awaited at the venue to welcome the couple.

Dan and Anette had a wonderful idea for their wedding. They wanted me to capture photos of all the guests using a Clapper Board, which they would later use in their wedding videos.

During the reception, the couple had another fantastic idea: to organise a competition for the speeches. Guests rated the speeches, and the top 3 speakers were rewarded. Emotional and joyful moments were shared during the speeches.

Following the capture of the cake-cutting and the first dance, my day drew to a fulfilling close. Capturing these precious moments was a joyous experience, filled with laughter and unforgettable memories.

Explore the highlights of Dan and Anette's special day through a curated selection of photographs that capture the essence of their love story...

Ceremony Venue: Islington Town Hall

Reception Venue: Canonbury Tavern

Florist: Flower & Farmer

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